Stone sculpture is one of Luke’s main passions and he produces works for pubic spaces as well as private residents. 

Stylised hedgehog in Northumbriansandstone
Stylised hedgehog in Hazeldean Sandstone (quarried at South Charlton just north of Alnwick)

Luke likes using locally quarried sandstone for sculptures. We are lucky to have what he thinks is some of the best stone in the UK quarried right on our doorstep.  Tight grained, it is a delight to carve and attractive in appearance. It was formed millions of years ago and heated by volcanic activity in what is now the Cheviot Hills. A very hard and durable stone, it sits well within the Northumbrian landscape.  Luke likes to think each handmade object adds to the locations sense of place.

Carrara marble bust of Storm trooper (from Star Wars) carved in Italy with the support or Heritage Crafts Association.

By using local stone, mostly quarried just outside of Alnwick, the carbon footprint of his work is low.

For the most up-to-date examples of his work, follow Luke Facebook: Luke Batchelor – Stone Carving

carved stone beehives

“We commissioned Luke to create 2 pieces for us to decorate our bee garden – and he did a fine job. We contacted him with a rough idea of what we were looking for and he came over to see us with some excellent ideas of his own. He was very generous with his time and had a good look at where we wanted the pieces and what we were after. After a while he then came back to us with some beautifully drawn designs with measurements and suggestions that we could choose from. He then fine-tuned the design and gave us a very fair price. The final pieces were even better than the designs and we could not have been happier.”

Jan and Alan talking about their beehive sculptures

Sandstone (Hazeldean quarried from South Charlton) Skep beehive carving with bees.
Northumbrian Stone Carver, Luke Batchelor, carving of a hare
Hare carving in local Hazeldean Sandstone
Bird bath in Hazeldean Sandstone with inscription

Top image – A child’s footprint carved into natural beach stone and gilded with 24 Karat gold leaf.