Bespoke Memorials and Inscriptions

When creating memorials, I work closely with clients to design and craft bespoke stones. These are unique to each person.  To do this, I like to learn about lost loved ones, see photographs and discuss their life. I can then create a memorial that represents them. “

Working from his workshop over-looking Holy Island, Luke offers a mixture of inscriptions, memorials and signage in local stone.

Memorials: Memorial Stone
Reverse of memorial carved in Elterwater slate at Ian Newtons workshop.

Luke explores different lettering styles to achieve the right look. He then spends time individually drawing each letter by hand. In this way, he ensures the letters’ forms are correctly weighted and spaced.

He cuts the letters into the stone using traditional handmade chisels and a small mallet called a dummy. 

“The steady rhythm of carving is a meditative process for me and the workshop is filled with the sound of the tap taping of chisel on stone. “

Memorials: Cat memorial

The price of a handmade memorial in local stone is not excessive with a simple stone costing from as little as £1500.

Luke also produces inscriptions on smaller stones such as commemorative plaques, house signs and pet memorials and is happy to carve on site, when necessary.  

slate house number
slate house number
Pet memorials
Memorials: Pet dog memorial in Northumbrian Sandstone
Dog memorial in Northumbrian Sandstone

For arranging a visit to the workshop or enquiring about commissioning a memorial or inscription, please contact Luke or email

Inscription carved in memorials in Welsh Slate
Inscription in Welsh Slate